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This is the authors' final version of the article from the journal, Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 2020 Feb;46(2):350-358.

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Post-operative infection is a catastrophic complication of spinal fusion surgery, with rates as high as 10%, and existing preventative measures (i.e., peri-operative antibiotics) are only partially successful. To combat this clinical problem, we have designed a drug delivery system around polyether ether ketone clips to be used for prophylactic post-surgical release of antibiotics upon application of ultrasound. The overall hypothesis is that antimicrobial release from this system will aggressively combat post-surgical bacterial survival. This study investigated a set of acoustic parameters optimized for in vitro ultrasound-triggered coating rupture and subsequent release of encapsulated prophylactic antibiotics. We determined that a transducer frequency of 1.7 MHz produced the most consistent burst release and that, at this frequency, a pulse repetition frequency of 6.4 kHz and acoustic output power of 100% (3.41 MPa) produced the greatest release, representing an important proof of principle and the basis for continued development of this novel drug delivery system.

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