Professionalism in Medicine: A Case-Based Guide for Medical Students

Medical professionalism is a challenging, evolving, and life-long endeavour. Professionalism in Medicine: A Case-Based Guide for Medical Students, published by Cambridge University Press, helps begin this process by engaging students and their teachers in reflection on cases that resonate with the experiences of life in medicine.

Through the book's seventy-two cases, commentaries, videos, and literature-based reviews, students explore the many challenging areas of medical professionalism. Readers will appreciate the provocative professionalism dilemmas encountered by students from the pre-clinical years and clinical rotations and by physicians of various specialties. Each case is followed by two commentaries by writers who are involved in health care decisions related to that case, and who represent a wide variety of perspectives. Authors represent forty-six medical schools and other institutions and include physicians, medical students, medical ethicists, lawyers, psychologists, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, health care administrators, and patient advocates.

On this website you will find videos from eight of the book's vignettes, all involving medical students. Also please find links to other medical professionalism online resources. In the future, this site will contain professionalism cases and commentaries submitted by students. We look forward to developing this and look forward to any feedback you may have.

John Spandorfer, MD Associate Professor of Medicine Associate Dean for Education Jefferson Medical College


Submissions from 2010


Videos: Professionalism in Medicine, John Spandorfer, MD