Blueprint for Ambulatory Covid-19 Population Health Management: A Chronic Disease Approach


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COVID-19 continues to pose a substantial burden on the healthcare ecosystem. 93% of patients requiring inpatient admission had 1 or more characteristics or underlying medical conditions associated with a higher risk of COVID-19 at baseline. The CDC reports there are still 400n deaths per day being attributed to Covid-19. Proactive action offers health system Ambulatory Service Care Teams opportunities to identify and engage patients at high risk for progression to severe disease. This Blueprint will be a plan for the strategic approach of a health system’s Ambulatory leadership to systematically identify and engage patients at high risk for progression to severe disease in prevention and treatment practices to improve COVID-19 management and outcomes while reducing the cost of care. The Blueprint will bring together the principles of Population Health Management: systematic leadership, change leadership, and quality methods to measure success. The Baldridge Excellence Framework informs the Blueprint to be one that empowers a health system ambulatory service line leadership to improve the patient care continuum for the needs of Covid-19 management. The Blueprint will look to John Kotter’s Leading Change, to frame the essential components to drive meaningful change. It will incorporate proven best practices on current vaccine and treatment issues to challenge organizations to evaluate their effectiveness to guide patients through a chronic disease journey through the lens of the National Quality Forums patient care continuum. The Blueprint is designed to activate Primary Care practice people, processes, and technology that are needed for the long-term management of Prevention and Treatment of the Covid-19.



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