The Population Health Template: A Roadmap for Successful Health Improvement Initiatives


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D Harris, Jefferson College of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA


Population health initiatives by health care organizations are designed to improve health, but are inconsistent and broad, often not addressing fundamental issues like the social determinants of health and the needs of smaller segments of the groups they serve. This leads to project variation and inconsistent results. In addition, most initiatives do not follow any consistent project planning methodology and thus program value is difficult to determine. Presented here is a template guide for population health improvement initiatives that addresses these concerns. It includes an explanation of its development, evaluation, and how to use it. The presence of appropriate elements was evaluated by an electronic survey and in use for two improvement initiatives. It was found to include all the elements necessary for a successful health improvement project. This guide creates a standardized population health approach to project planning and execution that may be applied to all types of health improvement initiatives for a variety of populations.

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