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Neil Goldfarb

Neil Goldfarb is President and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health, an employer-led non-profit organization established in 2012 with the mission of developing best practices for maintaining a healthy workforce, and ensuring that when healthcare is needed it is safe, high-quality, accessible and affordable. Mr. Goldfarb brings over 30 years of healthcare research and management experience to his Coalition leadership position.

Mr. Goldfarb has authored over 60 articles in the peer-reviewed literature, focused on his interests in health and disease management, quality measurement and improvement, care for the underserved, and health economics and outcomes research. Mr. Goldfarb is Chair of the Board of Governors of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions (National Alliance) and founding co-Director of the National Alliance College for Value-based Purchasing of Health Benefits.

Michael Kobernick, MD, MS, CPE

Dr. Kobernick is the Medical Director of Clinical Account Management at Blue Cross of Michigan. In this position, he advises large employers on opportunities to improve quality of care and reduce cost.

Previously, Michael Kobernick was the Chief Medical Officer at SmartHealth, where he was responsible for the development of an Ascension national strategy for population healthcare management and new models of physician contracting. In support of this position, he completed a MS in Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University College of Population Health. Upon graduation, he began teaching for the College.

Mitchell Kaminski, MD, MBA

Dr. Kaminski is a family physician who has combined clinical practice and teaching with a career in healthcare leadership that has included private groups, hospital systems, and academic institutions. Previously he served as Chief Clinical Officer at the Delaware Valley ACO, helping to develop the clinical strategy and teams in one of the country’s largest ACOs. He has continued to teach and care for patients part-time, most recently at the Jefferson Department of Family and Community Medicine. He embraces the complex challenges of our transforming national and regional healthcare systems and brings front-line perspectives to his leadership positions.


Nearly half of Americans received employer-sponsored health insurance in 2018. How can the principles of population health enable employers to provide better quality and patient experience in healthcare for their employees, while keeping costs manageable? Dr. Kaminski will lead a discussion with two leaders in the new Population Health for Employers program at the Jefferson College of Population Health.