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Dr. Mitchell Kaminski is a family physician who has combined clinical practice and teaching with a career in healthcare leadership that has included private groups, hospital systems, and academic institutions. Prior to joining the JCPH, he served as Chief Clinical Officer at the Delaware Valley ACO, helping to develop the clinical strategy and teams in one of the largest ACOs in the country.

Dr. Colleen Baum has front-line experience with implementing virtual care and telemedicine visits in her native state of Hawaii. She is the Maui Director for the Hawaii Independent Physicians' Association and an Assistant Clinical Professor at the John A. Burns School of Medicine, at the University of Hawaii.

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COVID-19 has transformed healthcare through the rapid adoption of temporary payment for telemedicine visits. Will the parity of payment for virtual and face-to-face care continue after COVID-19 has abated?

"We won't pay the same for a virtual visit as for an office visit" is a statement that reflects our traditional assumption that paying for doing has more value than paying for triage, coordinating, educating, and managing our patients using "cognitive services."