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Dr. Surekha Bhamidipati is an academic hospitalist, researcher and physician leader in safety and quality. She joined Christiana Care in 2009 as one of the founding members of the hospitalist group and served as one of the first medical directors within the newly established Unit Based Clinical Leadership within Medicine Service Line. She currently serves as the director of care transitions leading a health system project on improving acute care transitions. In these roles, she worked on numerous performance improvement projects and mentored interdisciplinary team members. She was trained as a master trainer by AHRQ Team STEPPS ® (Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) and trained over 400 staff members in her organization. She has been trained as an IHI safety scholar and has graduated from Jefferson College of Population Health with a Master’s in Healthcare Quality and Safety Management. She has presented, spoken and conducted workshops at numerous national venues focused on interprofessional teamwork and hospital medicine. She is a reviewer at the Journal of Hospital Medicine and the Journal of General Internal Medicine.


Crowding in the Emergency Department can lead to long wait times to see a provider, arrive at a diagnosis, and transition to inpatient care or discharge. Better flow in the ED can improve both inpatient length of stay and patient satisfaction. LEAN tools and operational excellence design are two effective methods to reduce ED overcrowding and decrease wait times.

Listen to learn how a LEAN approach reduced wait times and improved throughput in an academic emergency department.

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