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Presented at American Academy of Sleep Medicine in Seattle Washington.



The ICSD-2 diagnostic criteria for narcolepsy mandated 2 sleep-onset REM periods (SOREMPs) on multiple sleep latency testing (MSLT). Subsequent data suggested that a SOREMP within 15 minutes of nocturnal sleep onset, in the absence of another sleep disorder, is a highly specific finding for narcolepsy, but with low sensitivity. Therefore, the diagnostic criteria for the ICSD-3 allow for a minimum of one SOREMP during the MSLT, provided that the preceding overnight polysomnogram (PSG) also exhibits 1 SOREMP. We sought to re-evaluate the effects of this revision on diagnostic sensitivity by retrospectively applying ICSD-3 diagnostic criteria to patients who had achieved one SOREMP during the MSLT. We also examined the nocturnal PSG predictors of SOREMPs during the subsequent MSLT.