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Course Description

Innovations in Community Pharmacy Practice is a 2-credit hour course offered to pharmacy students in the spring of the third professional year.

Teaching methods

  • Group discussions
  • Case study activity
  • Self-reflection
  • Group project

The focus of this course is the evolving role of the community pharmacist in delivering direct patient care services. Students learn the basics of creating a business plan and utilize these principles to create their own business plan for a new or enhanced service that could be implemented at a community pharmacy site. This is a hands-on, project- based course, designed to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and critical-thinking in the context of community pharmacy practice.

Publication Date



Faculty Day, community pharmacy, innovation, creative thinking


Medicine and Health Sciences | Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Presented at the 2019 Jefferson Faculty Day

A Community Pharmacy Elective Course Utilizing a Service Development Project to Foster Innovation and Creative Thinking