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What it Looks Like in Costa Rica

  • Run by the Costa Rican Social Security Administration
  • Financed by employers, employees, and the Ministry of Health. Employer and employee contributions together make up over 90% of contributions.
  • Costa Rica is divided into 105 health areas, which are further divided up into primary care units called Basic Provision Units of Integrated Healthcare, or EBAIS. There are 947 of these primary care centers throughout Costa Rica, and everyone is assigned to one.
  • The EBAIS clinics provide a wide range of services to cover the general and specific health needs of the community, including primary care visits, vaccinations, OB/GYN services, etc.
  • There is a second tier of care with 11 clinics and 20 hospitals for specialty procedures, consultations, and emergency visits.
  • There is also a third tier for specialized surgeries and treatments, with 7 hospitals country-wide.