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This presentation was given in Augusta (Siracusa, Italy) for the 2004 Paul Harris Fellow Award, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. The lecture discusses the clinical significance of the GC-C pathway and its potential as a therapeutic target for colon cancer and metastatic tumors. It underscores the importance of the dysregulation of the GC-C pathway in promoting colorectal tumorigenesis and of dietary calcium in the GC-C-mediated chemoprevention.

Questa e’ la presentazione per il Premio 2004 Paul Harris Fellow del Rotary International (Augusta, Siracusa, Italia). La dissertazione illustra l’importante significato clinico della via moleculare regulata da GC-C e dai suoi ligandi (guanilina, uroguanilina ed ST) per la prevenzione e cura del cancro del coloretto.



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