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Poster presented at: 14th Annual AMA Research Symposium in Orlando, Fl


To investigate the effectiveness of Physican Leadership, an open access, student-led healthcare leadership program at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, in preparing to face five key emerging topics in medical practice: healthcare economics, health policy, care and quality and safety, law and medicine, and patient experience.

The Problem: Gaps in Medical Education

Healthcare in the US continues to evolve, and topics such as health policy, health finance, and patient experience are not central to the practice of medicine.

However, the sheer volume of material students are required to learn in the preclinical years makes it challenging to introduce new subjects into traditional medical school curricula. As a result, these topics in healthcare leadership are often left out. Indeed, only 40-50% of medical student report appropriate training in the "practice" of medicine, including subjects as medical economics, healthcare systems, and managed care.

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physician executive leadership, medical education, business, leadership, health services, innovation, Thomas Jefferson University, Sidney Kimmel Medical College


Medicine and Health Sciences

Physician Executive Leadership: Assessing a Student-Led Approach to Healthcare Leadership Education in Medical School