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Transitions of care are vulnerable points in patient care. With the volume of information transferred, quality of care and patient safety are at risk. Numerous attempts at standardization of transitions of care have been utilized; however no consensus regarding the optimal method has been reached. We developed a “watcher” model in addition to standard end of shift sign out. Patients at risk were identified by the day team and seen overnight by a senior and junior surgery resident, along with a nursing representative: either a bedside RN or nursing supervisor. We hypothesized that these midnight rounds could proactively identify patient care issues and intervention would be implemented sooner in a patient’s hospital course

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It's Midnight. Do you know how your patient is doing, HOUSE STAFF QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AND PATIENT SAFETY POSTERS, Abington Jefferson Health, Thomas Jefferson University


Medicine and Health Sciences

It's Midnight.  Do  you know how your patient is doing?