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Background and Objective:

From the moment that a patient enters the operating room to the time that they are brought to the post anesthesia care unit, a distraction has the potential to lead to an adverse outcome for the patient. During the critical portions of the surgery, it is even more important for all members of the operating staff to be focused and engaging in safe practices. Distractions in the operating room can hinder safe communication and potentially endanger patient safety. Team training has been shown to both improve team communication and reduce distractions.

The objective of this project was using Team STEPPS training to reduce distractions during the critical portions of surgery, defined as the time of anesthesia induction, the time out, and the time of emergence from anesthesia

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Quiet in the Operating Room, Team STEPPS and OR Distractions, Thomas Jefferson University, HOUSE STAFF QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AND PATIENT SAFETY POSTERS


Medicine and Health Sciences

Quiet in the Operating Room!  Team STEPPS and OR Distractions