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Introduction: Breast cancer is not only a physical disease but something that affects our patients’ mental, spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing. There has been literature that demonstrates the positive benefits of exercise, social support, and nonmedical adjuncts for breast cancer patients. There is currently a lack of wellness support within the Jefferson breast cancer community.

Methods: A wellness survey will be distributed throughout the breast surgery and breast oncology clinics to assess the current level of wellness and interest in a breast cancer wellness group at TJUH. This survey will be used both before and after implementation of a wellness group to assess its efficacy within our community.

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Discussion: We believe a breast cancer wellness group will address a major need of support within our Jefferson breast cancer community. This project will not only allow us to meet this need but to assess the basic social, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs of our patients in order to improve our overall patient care.

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quality improvement, breast cancer, support group, wellness


Medicine and Health Sciences | Oncology | Surgery


Presented at the 2019 House Staff Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Conference

The Implementation and Efficacy of a Breast Cancer Wellness Group at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital