"I Could Really Use This": Occupational Therapy Students' Perceptions of Learning to Coach

Marie-Christine Potvin, Thomas Jefferson University
Erin K. West, Thomas Jefferson University
Alexis N. Morales, Thomas Jefferson University
Katherine S. Sailor, Thomas Jefferson University
Natalie Coronado, Thomas Jefferson University

Document Type Article

This is the author's final published version in Occupational Therapy International, Volume 2022, Article number 2266326.

The published version is available online at https://doi.org/10.1155/2022/2266326. Copyright © 2022 Marie-Christine Potvin et al.


Coaching, an evidence-based approach in other fields, is relatively novel within occupational therapy (OT) and is not yet widely taught in OT programs. In recent studies, experienced occupational therapists have reported that coaching added value to their practice, but OT students' perspectives are missing from the literature. This phenomenological study explored OT students' (