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With the increased use of technology in the classroom, notetaking methods have expanded. Current notetaking assessments for university students no longer reflect the options available or do not provide a comprehensive measurement of student preferences, skills, and perceptions of usefulness of notes. The Notetaking Abilities and Strategies of University Students (NASUS) questionnaire was created to address this gap in notetaking assessments while also examining university student preferences, perception of skills, desire to improve notetaking skills and methods of taking notes in class. The purpose of this study was to examine the psychometric properties of the NASUS questionnaire, specifically, content validity, test-retest reliability, construct validity and concurrent validity. The results show the NASUS to be a reliable and valid assessment that can be used by colleges and universities to generate a profile of their students’ notetaking preferences and habits, while monitoring changes in habits and preferences over time in order to provide appropriate resources.