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Dr. McNicholas graduated from Chestnut Hill College and worked in Radiation Oncology at the Stein Center before coming to Jefferson Medical College in 1969. Dr. McNicholas had a passion for medicine from a young age, in part because her father was a doctor and Jefferson grad. She first discovered her interest in surgery after working closely with Dr. John Templeton while a student and taking a surgery elective at Chestnut Hill Hospital. Upon graduation Dr. McNicholas went to Columbia, where she completed her internship, residency, and fellowship in Cardiac Surgery. In addition to her career as a cardiac surgeon Dr. McNicholas also has a law degree and a Masters in Health Law. She currently works as Christiana Care’s Medical Director for Performance Improvement.

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Jefferson Medical College, alumni, women, oral histories, medicine, surgery, cardiac surgery, Chestnut Hill Hosptial, Columbia, Deborah, Christiana Care


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Interview was conducted by Kelsey Duinkerken with Dr. Kathleen McNicholas on June 9, 2015

Kathleen McNicholas