Submissions from 2020

Where are the Men? Family Planning Across the Gender Spectrum, Sarah Miller, MD, MPH

Submissions from 2019

Egg and Sperm from a Buccal Smear: The End of Infertility?, Eli Y. Adashi, MD, MS, CPE, FACOG

Evidence-Based Twin Delivery, Hannah Anastasio, MD

Iron Deficiency of Pregnancy: Time for a New Paradigm, Michael Auerbach, MD, FACP

Gynecology in the Courts, Carolyn Bohmueller and Mary Ann Martillotti

The Anatomy of a Medical Negligence Lawsuit, Carolyn M. Bohmueller, Esq.

Psychiatric Co-Morbidities in Prenatal Patients with Substance Use Disorders, Lynne Boone

Quality and Safety in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ryan Brannon, MD and Savannah Galloway, BSN, MHA, RN

Psychosocial Considerations for LGBTQ Family Building, Andrea M. Braverman

Prediction of Neonatal Birth Weight Associated with Maternal Obesity and Diabetes, Laura Gleason and Rebekah McCurdy, MD, MPH

Interventions to reduce post-cesarean infections; a quality improvement study, Julie Gomez and Johanna Quist-Nelson, MD

Shoulder Dystocia, Mark B. Landon, MD

Prophylactic Bilateral Salpingectomy: Are you better off without your Fallopian tubes?, Peter G. McGovern, MD

Check and Connect: Perinatal Screening and Brief Intervention for Substance Use Disorder, Aasta Mehta, MD, MPP; Emily Rosenthal, MD; Dennis J. Hand, PhD; Alice Fischer, MSS, LSW; and Ommu Bah

Association Between Obesity and Opioid Usage for Pain Management in Postpartum Women, Vaishali Mehta and Rebekah McCurdy, MD, MPH

BMI Matters! Where we are, where we've been, what will our Legacy be?, Myriam Mondestine Sorrentino, MD, FACOG

Amniotic Fluid Embolism, Luis D. Pacheco, MD

Contemporary Midwifery: Education, Research, and Practice, Dana Perlman, DNP, CNM, FACNM

Inpatient versus outpatient transcervical Foley catheter use for cervical ripening: A randomized controlled trial, Rebecca Pierce-Williams, DO

Management of Adnexal Masses, Scott D. Richard, MD, FACS

Image-Guided Procedures for Pelvic Pain, Johannes Roedl, MD, PhD

Aspirin for Preeclampsia Prevention, Amanda Roman, MD

Postpartum Preeclampsia, Amanda Roman, MD

Malaria in Pregnancy, Stephen Rulisa, MD, PhD

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Richard T. Scott, Jr, MD, HCLD/ALD

Common and Uncommon Residency Program Requirements, Abigail Wolf, MD

The Red Tent: Sensitivities and Care for the Orthodox Jewish Patient, Cheryl Yondorf, MD

Submissions from 2018

Gestational Diabetes, Vincenzo Berghella, MD, FACOG

39 Weeks Induction of Labor, Vincenzo Berghella, MD and Johanna Quist-Nelson, MD

Block 2 Morbidity and Mortality, Ashleigh Denny MD

Death in Pregnancy: A Case for Limited Autonomy?, Jeffrey L. Ecker, MD

The Pelvic Muscle Exam: A Critical Element for Mastery by the Gynecologist, Padma Kandadai, MD, MPH

Emergent and Massive Transfusion, Julie Karp, MD

Surgical Debulking for Advanced Ovarian Cancer: Now or Later? A Historical Perspective of Surgery for Advanced Ovarian Cancer, Christine H. Kim, MD

Giving and Receiving Feedback: Jefferson Grand Rounds, Katherine Lackritz, MD

The History and Future of Medicine, Katherine Lackritz, MD

Obesity: Cesarean Health by Incision Placement (O-CHIP) - A Randomized Controled Trial, Rebekah Jo McCurdy, MD, MPH, FACOG

Obstetrics Visiting Teaching Fellowship in West Africa, Rebekah Jo McCurdy, MD, MPH, FACOG

Menopause 2018 - Caring for Post Reproductive Age Women - 15 Years After the WHI: The Experts DO Agree!, Owen Montgomery, MD, FACOG, NCMP

How Are Women Faring in Academic Medicine? Have We Achieved Parity?, Karen D. Novielli, MD

The What, Why, and How of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Prevention, Vanessa Parisi

Advances in Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer, Janos L. Tanyi, MD, PhD

Opioid Prescription Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices at TJUH, Katherine Wang, MD; Shelly Sood, MD; and Megan Lundgren, MD

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign, Thomas Westover MD

Submissions from 2016


Delay discounting of pregnancy- and condom-protected sex among methadone-maintained women, Dennis J. Hand, PhD; Lindsay Reid; and Diane J. Abatemarco, MSW, PhD

Submissions from 2015


Do I Buy It? How AIDETTM Training Changes Residents’ Values About Communication Skills in Doctor-Patient Interactions, Andrea Braverman, PhD; Austin Katona, B.Sc.; Elisabeth Kunkel, MD; Leo Katz, MD; Matthew Keller, MD; Constantine Daskalakis, Sc.D; and Jennifer Jasmine Arfaa, PhD, MHSA


Routine Surveillance of Patients with Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy, Johanna Quist-Nelson, MD; Lauren Cooper, MD; and Abigail Wolf, MD

Submissions from 2014


Does a Contraceptive Bridge Method Affect Rates of Postpartum IUD Placement in a Resident Urban Clinic?, Agatha Berger, MD; Erica Hinz, MD; Katherine Lackritz, MD; and Elisabeth Woodhams, MD, MSc


Partner Support During Pregnancy and its Influence on Maternal Health Behaviors, Sarah Capponi, MSII; katelyn Cohen, MSII; Mazvita Nyamukapa, MPH; Jason K. Baxter, MD; and Brett Worly, MD


“It’s persuasion disguised as information” The experiences and adaptations of abortion providers practicing under a new law, Rebecca J. Mercier MD MPH; Mara Buchbinder, PhD; Amy Bryant,MD,MPH; and Laura Britton,RN, BSN


Prior ultrasound-indicated cerclage: what should the management be in next pregnancy?, Anju Suhag, MD; Jordana Reina, MD; Laura Sanapo, MD; Maria Giraldo; Sushma Potti, MD; and Vincenzo Berghella, MD