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This article is the author’s final published version in Journal of women's health (2002), Volume 32, Issue 2, February 2023, Pages 178 - 186.

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Background: Ibrexafungerp is a novel antifungal treatment for acute vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC). Using pooled data from two phase three studies (VANISH 303 and 306) in the treatment of acute VVC, this analysis sought to determine the effectiveness of ibrexafungerp in various patient subgroups that may impact outcomes. Materials and Methods: Data from VANISH 303 (NCT03734991) and VANISH 306 (NCT03987620) evaluating ibrexafungerp 300 mg twice daily (BID) for 1 day versus placebo, were pooled and analyzed to determine clinical cure rate, clinical improvement, and mycological cure at the test-of-cure visit (day 11 ± 3) and symptom resolution at the follow-up visit (day 25 ± 4) in the overall population. Patient subgroups analyzed included race, body mass index (BMI), baseline vulvovaginal signs and symptoms (VSS) score, and Candida species. Results: At the test-of-cure visit, patients receiving ibrexafungerp, compared with those who received placebo, had significantly higher rates of clinical cure (56.9% [214/376 patients] vs. 35.7% [65/182 patients]), clinical improvement (68.4% [257/376 patients] vs. 45.1% [82/182 patients]), and mycological cure (54.0% [203/376 patients] vs. 24.2% [44/182 patients]; all p < 0.0001). At the follow-up visit, patients receiving ibrexafungerp had sustained responses with higher symptom resolution rates (66.8% [251/376 patients]) versus placebo (48.4% [88/182 patients]; p < 0.0001). Race, BMI, baseline VSS score (including VSS severity score 13-18), and Candida species infection did not adversely affect clinical cure rates. Safety analysis results were consistent with the individual studies. Conclusions: Ibrexafungerp provides a safe and well-tolerated first-in-class fungicidal, 1-day oral treatment for patients with acute VVC, the first new therapy in >20 years. Clinical Trial Registration Number: NCT03734991.

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