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Adolescents with special health care needs encounter barriers and challenges during transition to adult health care that have the potential to impact health outcomes and satisfaction with the experience. The use of transitional care services can provide resources and support throughout the transition process to the adolescent and their parent/caregiver. This descriptive survey study was conducted to evaluate adolescent and/or parent/caregiver satisfaction with the transitional care services provided by an urban, academic, pediatric health care facility. Nineteen of 39 (49%) eligible participants completed the survey. Findings indicate that adolescents and their parent/caregiver were satisfied with the resources and support offered by a transitional care service and experienced positive health outcomes, reinforcing the need for collaboration between pediatrics and adult care providers. Transition of care barriers/facilitators included: concerns with the transition, making the connection, and facilitating the transition.

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adolescents with special health care needs, parent/caregiver, transition, adult health care, perceptions, satisfaction, facilitators, and barriers


Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing

Navigating Health Care Transition: An Exploration into the Experiences of Parents and their Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs Utilizing a Transitional Care Service

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