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The third day of Nexus Maximus was spent working on our poster and getting our final ideas together to present the pitch to our audience. We all worked side by side in one of the DEC classrooms working on putting our thoughts into bullet points and developing the graphics for the board. My group member and I went to the poster workshop and got inspired to create the board layout. We wanted to keep the board as simple as possible with easy to read graphics and bullet points so that the viewer could easily follow our process and understand what our idea was. One of the neighborhoods that my group was assigned was Kensington and our project is based around the idea of bringing success from within the community and inspiring the residents of Kensington to pursue success in their futures. We decided to title our project “Success in the Streets of Kensington.” Using a storefront and a mobile truck, we would be able to reach the masses of students from the nearby schools to help them in their academics. The truck would visit the schools and offer services such as SAT prep and tutoring. We did not just want to base the idea around school but also jobs. The idea is to get these students ready for the future whatever path they decide to take whether it’s going to a university, trade school, military, or directly out into the work field. Success in the Streets of Kensington is designed to supply these students with the tools and resources they need to achieve success in their future.

Nexus Maximus V

The 2018 Challenge: "Improving Lives Through Healthy Communities" Teams will evaluate and seek innovation that supports the health and well-being of specific local community populations. The team’s project work will be supplemented with workshops on innovation, entrepreneurship, and content relevant to the theme, delivered by experts throughout the weekend.

Teams will also explore opportunities to leverage that data in meaningful ways that benefit and protect individuals and society. The team project work will be supplemented with workshops on innovation, entrepreneurship, and content relevant to the theme, delivered by experts.

Potential Areas of Exploration:

  • Improving health care access
  • Healthy community design
  • New policies or business models to deliver sustainable value to the community
  • Community diversity

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Kensington, Schools, Education, Success, Employment, Students, Community, Gentrification, Nexus Maximus, Thomas Jefferson University


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Success in the Streets of Kensington