Adopting Best-Practice and Improving Patient Experience during Postpartum Recovery of Cesarean Sections in a Rural Hospital Using a Lean Management System

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Background: The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative established by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) provide best practice guidelines for clinicians to facilitate skin-to-skin contact between mother and newborn immediately following delivery. Separation of mother and newborn following a cesarean birth, however, is still an accepted practice and negatively impacts both mother and newborn physically and psychologically.

Purpose: Create a process for women to complete Phase I post anesthesia recovery in the Women’s Health Unit to ensure mother, newborn and support person remain together, promoting skin-to-skin and family-centered care.

Methods: The Women’s Health team utilized the organization’s Lean Management System and A3 problem solving to develop a process in a safe environment that ensured medically stable mothers, newborns and support person could remain together following a c-section delivery.

Results: Processes were developed and mothers now complete Phase I recovery with their newborn and support person in the Women’s Health Unit when medically stable. Skin-to-skin time increased and mothers have expressed their gratitude for remaining with their newborn and support person.

Conclusion: The Lean Management System provided the structure and respect for the team to achieve innovative and sustainable improvement in a rural health facility.



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