Successful Strategies to Reduce Intensive Care Units Central Line Associated with Blood Stream Infections: The Las Vegas Hospital

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The purpose of this quality initiative project is to reduce the CLABSIs SUR and the SIR in our intensive care unit below the national predicted standards over 6 months. We used the SAFE WISE CORE approach, an innovative evidence-based bundle for the prevention of central line-associated infections that focuses on following strict guidelines in the insertion and maintenance of central lines in intensive care units. The results of the study revealed that the central lines SUR dropped from 1.50 to 0.94, a 37.33 percent decrease and the SIR dropped from 1.931 to 0.667, a 65.45% decrease. The introduction of the CLABSI initiative project significantly improved the rate of CLABSI’s and decreased the cost of care. The initiative will have an impact on the other hospitals in the healthcare system and will help engage payors in the patient centered effective healthcare delivery in the acute care setting.



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