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Hurricanes are prevalent in the United States and surrounding countries, and with climate change they are continuing to both become stronger and increase in prevalence year after year. In the wake of these natural disasters are many individuals that are often left without basic needs, one of those needs being food. The objective of this rapid literature review was to compile and review literature focused on hurricanes and food insecurity, to identify any common themes, and to recommend changes that could be implemented to potentially aid in the decrease of food insecure individuals after hurricanes. Hurricanes were described in this review as a tropical storm with recorded winds of 74 miles per hour or higher. There were two definitions used for food insecurity in this review, the first was low food security and the second was very low food security. Low food security was described as when people can access food, but the quality was not very high, and the food was not desirable. Very low food security was described as when people are unable to access food and often are missing meals or eating less than they usually would on any given day. This review found that hurricanes are associated with low and very low food security levels in the following groups: women, minorities, those of lower socioeconomic status, those living in places with poor infrastructure, and those with poor physical and/or mental health. Another discovery in this review was the need for updated emergency infrastructure plans. These plans can aid in ensuring communities have power returned quicker, and that there are plans to clear roads for the distribution of food as services. Additional recommendations included enhancing preexisting hurricane preparedness policies and to increase collaboration among emergency management and public health professionals. This collaboration will continue to help communities and these previously groups of individuals.