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Art can be seen in healthcare environments and to cause emotional and physical responses in its viewers. It helps patients to interact with the environment around them, humanize the healthcare setting, and acts as a distraction to pass time often spent in these settings. Dynamic light-based art is art that has movement, interactive design, and an immersive experience. It often uses light and shadows to create this effect. This study looked to collect and analyze Philadelphia community members’ opinions and feelings toward the potential use of dynamic art, specifically art using light and movement, in different healthcare settings. Responses to open-ended questions completed from September to November 2022 at 11 different dynamic-light installations at a Philadelphia art gallery were cleaned and summarized. This was done to highlight the public health significance in creating more comforting environments for patients. Frequency of responses to free listing questions was calculated and overall themes were detected. Respondents reported the artwork being calming, distracting, reflective, and anxiety easing. The majority of responses stated they would like to see artwork like this in a waiting room or healthcare setting. This artwork was seen to have an overall positive effect on viewers’ self-reported feelings and emotions. It has the potential to help with anxiety and stress often felt in places like waiting rooms and could lead to improved quality of care in healthcare environments. It is important to consider things like seizure disorders and overstimulation in this type of artwork design when placing it in healthcare settings.