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Disparities in the access to maternal care represent a public issue in the US. Trust represents a crucial factor to improve patients-providers relationships. The Jefferson Latina Women’s Clinic was created in 2018 to provide maternal care to vulnerable Latinas in Philadelphia. The clinic has been working successfully since then. A qualitative research study was conducted to explore the perceptions of patients receiving care at the clinic. We conducted 20 semi-structured interviews to explore patients’ feelings, thoughts and attitudes about their experience at the clinic. Participants aged ≥ 18, Spanish speakers, self-identifying as Latinas, referring to the clinic between February-April 2023 were invited to participate. Participants identified some key elements that facilitated their trust in the clinic: 1) the welcoming environment, 2) the access to Spanish speaking personnel, 3) the general feeling of being cared for by the team, 4) the fact that their immigration status does not represent a barrier and 5) the presence of a in individual- The Champion- was identified as a key element facilitating trust and positive feelings toward the clinic. Exploring deeper into the factors that make the Jefferson Latina Women’s Clinic such a success is crucial to build solid relationships between patients and providers and to better understand how to achieve a good level of trust. Preliminary analysis points to the notion that the clinic rests largely on the Champion Model. This can impact sustainability and scalability of the center. Settings that rest mainly on “Champions” are fragile and organizations need be proactive and have a plan for the setting to survive and thrive if and when the Champion moves on.