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Vaping is a public health issue that effects both teens and adults in the United States. Vaping increases the risk of teens developing an addiction to nicotine. Vaping also exposes users to harmful metals and toxic chemicals found in e-cigarettes. There are also vaping-related illnesses that are on rise. This capstone project explores how vaping advertisements affect the vaping habit of teenagers in the United States. For research purposes anyone ages twelve through nineteen will be considered in this scoping review. The goal of this capstone is to investigate where teens are seeing advertisements, how effective they are, and if anything has been done to try and stop teens from vaping A scoping review was conducted to see what conclusions can be drawn from previously collected data. Articles were reviewed from the years 2012 to 2022. The articles needed to cover both teen vaping habits and vaping advertisements. 1463 articles came up in the initial search but only 4 were used that met all the criteria. After the data was collected it was found that there is a correlation between vaping ads and teen vaping habits. However, the main finding was the knowledge gap. This knowledge gap being that there is not data published for exactly how much ads affect teen vaping habits in the United States. It was found that increased exposure increased the likelihood of teens vaping. Nonetheless, more research is needed to see what can be done to help reduce the number of teens vaping.