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The pharmaceutical industry is a significant stakeholder in the United States healthcare system. Pharmaceutical companies have a strong impact on the population health in the United States. The high cost of prescription drug costs can have a negative impact on the elderly population in this country. These high costs can lead to non-compliance and non-adherence. This rapid systematic review investigated the impact of increasing prescription drug prices on the elderly population residing in the United States. This rapid review aimed to examine the effects these increasing drug prices had on the elderly. A rapid systematic review of the available literature published in the United States from January 2011 to 2021 was conducted to examine this issue. Literature was procured through advanced searched on various reputable databases. PubMed, Google Scholar, and Scopus were all used to determine which literature sources were acceptable for this rapid systematic review. Data analysis and results along with an examination of the implications of these findings were all discussed within this review. Current legislation that is in place was examined along with possibilities of future policy recommendations. The lasting implications of these possible solutions was also examined. The limitations of this rapid systematic review were reviewed as well as any conflicts of interest. Through this rapid systematic review, the goal was to create a valued paper that accurately examines the causes and impacts of increasing prescription drug costs on the elderly population in the United States.

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