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Chronic diseases are the top two leading causes of death in the United States. Every year Chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiac disease are a large contributor to mortality, morbidity, and healthcare expenditures. Advances in genetic care can be leveraged to reduce this burden by increasing preventive care measures at a population level. However, current knowledge and awareness of genetics are low in the general population and among providers. Therefore, determining interventions that focus on improving genomic health literacy is essential. This systemic literature review was conducted to identify effective strategies to improve genomic health literacy related to chronic diseases. Our team reviewed 500 articles by titles and abstracts from PubMed and SCOPUS and yielded seven articles that addressed this issue. These studies were evaluated for population characteristics, intervention characteristics, stratification of results, cognitive outcomes, and study limitations. We found that all articles were related to cancer genetics education and showed improvements in knowledge of this topic. The study utilized various interventions such as online education tools, group-based learning, and paper-based education tools. To our knowledge, this is the first systematic review to evaluate interventions addressing genomic literacy for chronic disease. The findings of this review provide insight for designing and implementing similar interventions for genomic health literacy and improve preventive care for chronic conditions. However, there is a lack of comprehensive data in the literature related to this topic. Further research is need for more evidence-based interventions to increase genomic health literacy for cancer and other chronic diseases.