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Climate change is one of the greatest public health challenges currently impacting the world, and is significantly impacting public health outcomes. In order to mitigate and adapt to the health effects of climate change, there is a need to educate youth on the subject. The purpose of this project was to provide underserved high school students residing in Philadelphia with an interactive and educational workshop regarding public health policy and climate change. Two workshop sessions were hosted virtually, in partnership with the Philadelphia Collaborative for Health Equity, known as P-CHE. Through these sessions, students were provided with information about climate change, public health, and policy in order to increase awareness and engagement regarding policy and advocacy.

The result of the workshop sessions was a student-driven interview-style podcast highlighting the students’ thoughts, ideas, and opinions regarding climate change, local Philadelphia policy, and future-focused solutions. The final product was shared with the students in a listening session and is available to listen cost-free via online streaming services. The main learning objective was for the students to recognize and address how climate change is impacting the world and their personal lives, and to understand how policy can be an effective public health intervention for this problem, and many others.