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Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) are an emergent concern for public health and tobacco control. Originally present by their manufacturers as smoking cessation aids, they have come to function as recreational tobacco products. Here we describe the epidemiology of ENDS use in the Philadelphia region, which has not previously been examined in detail. Data were sourced from a 2018 population health survey. We present descriptive statistics of demographic characteristics of lifetime smokers, current smokers, and current ENDS users. We examine the significance of these factors on ENDS usage in the prior month through Chi-Squared tests, and we examine the effect size of the identified significant factors on ENDS usage through a binary logistic regression. We found the that membership in the 18-34 age cohort and current smoking were the strongest predictors of ENDS usage in this population, and found some additional influence from other demographic factors including race, income, and sexual orientation.