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Pathology tests are an essential part of healthcare. Pathology reports provide vital diagnostic and prognostic information to providers and patients. Despite their importance, pathology reports are written in language that most patients do not understand. A rapid review was conducted to examine studies that outline guidance and recommendations to provide patient-centered pathology reports (PCPR) and educational material. A total of 437 titles and abstracts were screened from the PubMed database. Studied were included if they were original research articles published in English. The search yielded 4 papers which were included in the final analysis. Results from the review demonstrate that when available, PCPRs were viewed favorably by patients, and allowed patients to better identify and recall important elements of their report. Additionally, patients believe that PCPR facilitated better communications. The scarcity of literature on the subject demonstrates a dire need for further research into what is one of the cornerstones of patient care.