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Although TeleHealth has gained in popularity over the past decade, the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States expedited the need for rapid implementation of TeleHealth interventions. These TeleHealth interventions allow maintaining social distancing while reducing community spread of the novel coronavirus, especially for high-risk populations such as elderly patients and those with comorbid conditions. Therefore, given the exponential rise in cases, this rapid review aimed to identify and organize the peer-reviewed data published in the United States between January 1st, 2020, and May 20th, 2020, into one central database. The results of this rapid review demonstrated that much of the data published occurred in April and May, and original research and expert opinions represented the most common types of published research. All expert opinion articles included TeleHealth recommendations from a wide array of medical specialties. The original research articles included mostly descriptive studies aimed at characterizing the ability of various institutions to implement TeleHealth interventions rapidly. These data reflect the need to provide data and guidance regarding TeleHealth interventions in light of COVID-19. Moreover, these studies characterize the initial capacity of a large institution to implement TeleHealth as an alternative to in-person visits.