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This study is a qualitative analysis of hepatitis delta-related inquiries or “queries” from the Hepatitis B Foundation (HBF) and aims to assess needs and barriers of hepatitis delta (HDV) patients and their caregivers. The HBF is a non-profit organization that fundraises, advocates, educates, holds public health initiatives, and conducts research to improve quality of life for hepatitis patients. Each year, the organization receives thousands of queries from patients worldwide, including HDV-related queries. Although HDV is uncommon, its incidence is currently rising and there is no effective cure for the disease, which causes one of the most severe forms of liver disease. Historically, hepatitis has also received less global awareness. This research is therefore timely and critical, as it seeks to use qualitative methods to clarify the needs and barriers of this growing, vulnerable population. The findings from this research will then be used to create targeted educational resources with the aim of improving patient quality of life and increasing disease awareness.