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While there was a lot of literature surrounding students’ perspectives on challenging or controversial discussions that were brought up in higher education classrooms, there was not as much information on the educator’s view as a facilitator (Murray Johnson, 2018). Recently, the spike in political tension in the United States had created an even more unwelcoming environment for students and educators alike to mention issues and feel comfortable in sharing their opinions (Boys, 2018). Educators feared voicing their own opinions on race, reproductive rights and immigration out of fear of upsetting their students, being suspended from their jobs or even being fired (Murray Johnson, 2018, Shelton, 2019). To gather more information about faculty experiences, I conducted qualitative interviews with all of the full-time professors in the Jefferson College of Population Health to learn more about their experiences facilitating classrooms discussions and what training they have had or would like to have. Findings are shared here and will be summarized for the faculty and MPH program leadership.