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To assess existing legionella building water management plans and identify gaps within our current policy system, a policy analysis was conducted. An internet search for Legionella primary prevention plans at the federal, state, local, and industry level was conducted from September to November 2019. The CDC’s Policy Analytical Framework was utilized to systematically describe policies and subjectively rank them. The analysis yielded twenty-one policies that fit the inclusion criteria. The most flexible and comprehensive water management plan for all multi-dwelling buildings was developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers. Although legionella guidelines and policies have been developed by numerous institutions, most policies vary in scope, are inconsistent with industry standards, and fail to incorporate target water parameters and procedures for emergency remediation. To close the policy gap and develop standardized water management plans for all at-risk buildings in the United States, further research must be conducted to clearly define action steps and successfully improve implementation of Legionella prevention measures.