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S Miller, Jefferson College of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA.


The purpose of this paper is to outline the feasibility of potential helmet rental systems that could work in the city of Philadelphia. Recommendations were made through examination of existing literature, bike share programs around the world, and meetings conducted with Thomas Jefferson University and Philadelphia City officials. Three recommendations are concluded from all the research. A traditional helmet rental system like the systems used in Seattle and Boston is one option. Free bicycle helmets for seasonal pass holders is recommended to address the users most at risk. However, the best option and recommendation is to use EcoHelmet and their innovative vendable and recyclable helmet alleviating most of the users concerns while ensuring head safety. In addition, an educational program to emphasize the benefits of helmet use is encouraged in combination with any of the three recommendations. Overall, helmets must become a part of the bike share to increase the safety of the riders and EcoHelmet is an innovative solution.

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