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R Simmons, College of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA


The purpose of this study was to gain insight and understanding on what constitutes a successful outreach and educational program for African Americans that have Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) particularly in the Delaware Valley and to give recommendations to the Alzheimer’s Association of Delaware Valley. Key informants were identified for interview purposes after extensive research of their contributions to Alzheimer’s disease research and outreach. Key informants included a geriatric physician and neurologist, AD researchers and AD advocators. Interviews were audio recorded and transcribed. Analysis was used to identify themes. Over-arching important outreach and education themes were having race concordant people conducting outreach as well as having a consistent presence in the community. Another theme was having some collaboration with popular African American organizations like fraternities and sororities and churches. Although only seven key informants were able to participate in the interviews, there was a lot consensus and new ideas presented by each person. Also, there is a lack of published information on education and awareness of AD in the African American community. The recommendations in this paper can be useful to the Alzheimer’s Association of the Delaware Valley in education and outreach to the African American community.

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