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Advisor: J McAna Jefferson College of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA


There is a rising incidence of workplace violence in healthcare settings and there are no established low literacy workplace violence prevention programs; this program fills that gap (Gomaa, et al., 2015). The project objectives are as follows: teach what workplace violence is, teach warning signs of violence, teach de-escalation techniques for workplace violence, teach violence reporting methods, recommend management policies and procedures, and evaluate the program. A low literacy PowerPoint presentation was created about workplace violence prevention. A pre/post test, a class evaluation, and an impact assessment were also created to accompany the presentation. The presentation was used to teach healthcare workers about workplace violence prevention and the pre/post test, class evaluation, and impact assessment were used to determine if the program was effective and successful in teaching content. Paired t-tests, McNemar’s chi-square and descriptive statistics were used to assess the pre/post test, class evaluation, and impact assessment results. Based on the average test scores of the pre and post tests, participants did gain knowledge regarding workplace violence prevention and response by attending the program. Results from the class evaluation indicated that the participants were satisfied with the information given, the trainer, and the handouts. Approximately 40% of workplace violence prevention training participants filled out the impact assessment. Results were encouraging: People that did experience a workplace violence incident since attending the training used techniques taught at the training in order to handle the situation. Also since attending the training, people reported that their employer has a system in place for reporting workplace violence incidents, and they know how to report an incident, and who to report it to. The training can be considered a success. Based on the pre and post tests and the impact assessment, it is evident that people demonstrated an increased understanding of the subject and have already benefitted from and implemented material taught.

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