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Advisor: James Plumb, MD, MPH

Department of Family and Community Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA.


This Capstone examines the feasibility of water infrastructure development and water safety planning in the village of Akarambi, Rulindo District, North Province, Rwanda. This project is being conducted in partnership with JeffHEALTH (Helping East Africans Link To Health) and the Rwanda Village Concept Project (RVCP). The assessment is grounded in the literature evaluating the relationship between water projects and health outcomes, socioeconomic outcomes, and community advancement. In this paper, the World Health Organization’s Water Safety Planning for Small Community Water Supplies is utilized as the model for organizing and explaining the water situation in Akarambi and future plans for system improvement. Because JeffHEALTH has been working with Akarambi over multiple years, and has conducted water-related work at several points, a summary of past efforts is provided. The paper also includes resources necessary to continue work on the project, specifically tools for a formalized needs assessment, Government of Rwanda policy papers on water and poverty, and information on financial considerations related to water infrastructure development. The paper closes with a discussion of limitations and suggestions for next steps.

Presentation: 23 minutes