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  • Philadelphia is among the top 10 cities in the US with populations over 500,000 with a high Community Need Index score (CNI- severity of Health disparity)
  • Data from 2015 County Health Ranking, had Philadelphia last of all 67 counties in the state for social economic factors. (unemployment, income inequality, injury deaths, etc. )
  • Cancer is a leading cause of mortality in the US
  • The SKCC participated in a year-long, externally supported self study to improve the quality of patientprovider interactions and promote more equitable, accessible and patient- centered cancer care. This program aligned with internal initiatives.
  • SKCC at Jefferson is NCI-designated cancer center and part of an academic medical center located in Philadelphia. In the catchment area the Incidence and Mortality in 7 out of 10 Major Cancers is higher than state and national averages.

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Presented at the 2019 American Psychological Oncology Society Annual Conference

Improving the Quality of Patient-Provider Interactions and Promoting Equitable, Accessible and Patient-Centered Cancer Care