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Cancer patients face many obstacles and challenges after being diagnosed with cancer. Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals’ Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (SKCC) has effectively eliminated transportation as a barrier to care for patients receiving cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. SKCC dedicates a full-time patient navigator to assess and connect patients with appropriate transportation resources based on location, insurance coverage, and mobility. The utilization of patient-focused transportation platforms, such as Uber Health, RoundTrip, and Ride Health have streamlined the process, while SKCC philanthropic funds have assisted with associated financial costs. As a result of these resources, oncology patients who would have ordinarily missed appointments due to lack of transportation are now more independent and compliant with cancer treatment.

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cancer barriers, access to care, transportation, technology, philanthropy, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center


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Breaking the Transportation Barrier: Enhancing Access to Cancer Treatment through Technology and Philanthropy

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