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This article is the author’s final published version in BMC Medical Education, Volume 22, Issue 1, April 2022, Article number 320.

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Background: When it comes to scheduling interviews, medical students may wonder if they need a strategy to increase their likelihood of matching. Previous studies examined the temporal effects of the residency interview on overall match rate; however, there are additional factors that affect the match process, including board examination scores and letters of recommendation. Only few studies have examined the effect interview time of day has on match success. The current study examines the impact date and time of interview during the interview season have on candidates' respective interview scores.

Methods: Interview data over a three-year period (i.e., three interview cycles) was examined at a PGY-1-3, ACGME-accredited EM residency program in Philadelphia. Date of interview and time of day of interview (i.e., morning versus afternoon) was examined. A linear regression analysis was performed to determine if there is a statistically-significant difference in overall interview scores based on date during the interview season and time of day.

Results: There is no statistically-significant effect of time of day or date on residency interview scores.

Conclusions: Our findings are congruent with other studies on the temporal effects of residency interviews on overall match rate. Findings should provide reassurance to students scheduling interviews, as time slots have not been found to have a significant relationship with overall interview score. Future studies should more holistically analyze the residency application process.

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