Osteoporosis in premenopause. When are screening and treatment prudent?

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June 2006


This article has been peer reviewed. It was published in Postgraduate Medicine 119(1): 8-15, June 2006, and is freely available from the publisher's site at http://postgradmed.com/issues/2006/06/008/.


Osteoporosis is considered a disorder of postmenopausal women because bone mineral loss and accompanying fragility fractures are common in this group. However, certain premenopausal women are also at risk for osteoporosis. Because of a lack of screening and treatment guidelines for premenopausal women, it can be difficult to determine whether a low bone mineral density correlates with a disease such as osteoporosis and to predict the potential risk of a fracture and formulate the correct course of action. In this article, Dr. Derk identifies high-risk groups, presents an approach to judicious screening, and recommends prevention and treatment strategies.

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