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Fall 2018


Report created as part of DSL 707: Theory of Constraints


The project purpose was to identify the program constraints through cause and effect linkages, determine whether the root causes identified had program benefits and identify the driving causes of undesirable effects through Method of Synchronization:

  1. Articulation
  2. Interdependency
  3. Process
  4. Flow of Information
  5. Sense of Urgency/Prioritization

Furthermore, we wanted to enlarge our perspective from a process mindset to a whole systems perspective looking at the systems that comprise JCIPE and how the systems are interconnected and interdependent and affect the purpose of the organization. Our overview led us to analyze possible physical, policy or cultural constraints that impose upon the JCIPEs success and drove us to our search using sufficient cause thinking to identify potential root causes. Using Theory of Constraint tools: Undesirable Effects, Current Reality Tree and Evaporating Cloud, we determined assumptions and used interpolations to narrow our scope to arrive at a likely root cause.