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In selecting, or as now in introducing the table of contents of each new issue of the Jefferson Journal, or in response to some occasional question as to the orientation of the Journal, the ghostly concept of eclecticism reappears. In choosing a residency training program in psychiatry, the nascent resident of the 1980's was usually met with a chorus of "eclectic" brochures and training directors, each describing their own version of this ideal. Having comfortably accepted this pleasingly vague and democratic ideal, it was disconcerting to hear my own training director, Dr. Harvey Schwartz, challenge this descriptive term. He brought attention to the intellectual laziness which can lurk beneath this approved label, and thus refocused my thinking about the use and abuse of the e-word, and about some larger issues of defining not just the ideal training program (see Dr. Tasman's In Response contribution in this issue) but the evolving field of psychiatry itself.

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