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Jefferson Digital Commons Quarterly Report: April-June 2017

The Jefferson Digital Commons had another very busy quarter with assets being deposited from across the enterprise.

  • Total number of assets deposited this quarter: 371
  • Total downloads for this quarter: 113,261(April 10, 2017 highest download count: 1,763)
  • 7,500 different institutions accessed content in the JDC Asset with the most downloads this quarter: 2017 issue of Inside Out
  • Countries visiting the JDC this quarter: 196

Below are highlighted assets that were added to the inventory along with more feedback from researchers that continue to arrive from around the globe on the impact of works found in the JDC.

If you would like to have content deposited please contact:, or

Assorted highlighted materials added to the JDC April-June 2017:

9th Annual Faculty Days

  • Design is Not Just for Designers! Use Design Thinking & Interprofessional Hackathon Design Events to Innovate Your Curriculum or Clinical Practice


  • Sonoelastography of the Common Flexor Tendon of the Elbow with Histologic Agreement: A Cadaveric Study

Grand Rounds:

  • Mindfulness for Chronic Pain
  • Female Sexual Dysfunction and Problems in the Postmenopausal Woman: How to Help Stella Get her Groove Back
  • Bipolar Disorder for Primary Care
  • Pediatric Palliative Care
  • Epigenetic Approaches to Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
  • Family and Community Medicine Town Hall
  • Dare More, Do More, Live More: Living Fearlessly Beyond Cancer
  • Translational Cancer Research: The Surgeon's Role
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV: A Guide to Use in Primary Care
  • How to run away from Doctors and Hospitals
  • Use of Teratogenic Medicines in Women of Reproductive Age
  • Delirium
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Biomedical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment
  • OSA and Primary Snoring: Palatal Surgery and Office-Based Procedures
  • Annular and ovoid lesions: Defining Moments
  • Sports Medicine Update
  • Jonathan Letterman, MD: The Surgeon-Soldier a his Reforms of Battlefield Medicine
  • Statistics for Surgeons
  • Surgical Ergonomics in Otolaryngology
  • Have you created your database yet?
  • Two-year Mortality in Elderly Free Flap Patients: Case-Control Study
  • Metformin effects on head and neck squamous carcinoma microenvironment: window of opportunity trial
  • New Therapies in the Management of Heart Failure
  • Overlapping Surgery in 2017: Understanding the Debate and What's Next
  • Research in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Dysregulation of microRNAs leads to target therapy
  • Diet, Gut, Brain: An Update
  • Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for Substance Use Disorders
  • The History of Medicine and LGBTQ+ Populations in the United States
  • Hodgkin Lymphoma: Progress Made and Challenges Ahead
  • Breast Cancer Screening in the Modern Age
  • Improving the quality and outcomes of older women's decision-making around breast cancer screening and treatment
  • Templeton Grand Rounds: Mitral Valve Surgery for Functional MR
  • Evaluating Sleep Issues in Primary Care
  • Department of Surgery: The Year in Review and Integration 2.0 (2016-2017 The last week of the fiscal year)
  • Venous Thromboemboli: Should your patient with a DVT be admitted?
  • The Subscapular System of Flaps in Head and Neck Reconstruction
  • Targeting Frailty in Older Patients with Heart Failure: The REHAB-HF Experience
  • Medical Cannabis: Lessons Learned by a Family Doctor

Historical Materials:

  • Caps & Capes - Student Nurses Newspaper, 1958-1971

House Staff Quality and Improvement Patient Safety Posters

  • “The Weekend Effect": Weekday versus Weekend comparison of patients admitted with NSTEMI in terms of length of hospital stay, door to balloon time and left ventricular function
  • A Quality Improvement Project to Reduce the Wait Time for Initial Appointment in an Urban Outpatient Sleep Center


  • The Medicine Forum, 2017, Volume 18.

Meeting Report:

  • The Value of Cancer Immunotherapy Summit at the 2016 Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 31st anniversary annual meeting

MPH Capstone presentations:

  • Borders and Blood Pressure: Identifying the Association of Acculturation with Hypertension Diagnoses Among Hispanic-American Immigrants
  • Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) Initiative on Nutrition in Wilmington, DE: An Assessment of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption
  • Perceptions of Living with Chronic Illness as Type 2 Diabetic Transgender Adults
  • Addressing Obesity in the Early Head Start Community Through Environmental and Educational Means (Pilot Program)
  • Screening for Adolescent Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Jefferson Providers: Methods, Barriers and Facilitators
  • Self-Reported Prostate Cancer Screening Among Men Aged 45+ in Southeastern Pennsylvania: Trends from 2008-2015 and Correlates from 2015
  • Shedding Light on Communication Disorders in Syrian Refugee Children
  • Veterans Status and Its Impact on Mental Health, Access, Use, Alcohol Use and Suicide
  • Outcomes of Teen Pregnancies Delivered at University of Texas Medical Branch in 2013
  • The Impact of Case Management Interventions on Hospital Readmission Rates and Emergency Department Visits
  • Weight Gain in Obese Pregnant Women and Risk for Cesarean Delivery by Class of Obesity
  • Human Rights of Refugees, Immigrants and the Internally Displaced
  • Assessing STD Knowledge and Attitudes of Campus Hookup Culture at Philadelphia University
  • Policy and Public Health Implications for Exchange of Super Protected Data in Pennsylvania
  • A Mixed-Methods Approach to Developing a Short-Form Opioid Abuse Screening Tool
  • Climate Change and Resulting Floods: Using Social Capital to Strengthen Community Resilience in Eastwick, A Known Floodplan
  • Retrospective Cohort Study of Refugee HealthCare Utilization in Philadelphia, 2007-2016
  • Healthcare utilization patterns among refugees resettled in the United States: A Systematic Review
  • Developing and designing a sustainable evaluative program protocol that aims to deliver affordable quality eye-care to underserved children within the Philadelphia School District
  • Evaluation of the "Hit Count" as a Concussion Prevention Strategy in a Youth (4-14 years old) Football League: A Grant Proposal
  • Indego Helmet Assessment
  • How Does an Understanding of the Lower Extremity Amputation Patient Population That a Large Urban Podiatric Practice Serves Improve the Care of that Population?
  • Transition to and from the Nursing Home: A Qualitative Study of People Severely Disabled by Multiple Sclerosis and Measurement of Self-Efficacy

MS in Applied Health Economics and Outcomes Research:

  • Identification of Cognitively Impaired Patients At Risk For Development of Alzheimer's Disease: An Analysis of US Medicare Claims Data

MS in Health Policy:

  • What Bundled Payment Structure Should Physical Therapists Support for Patients After Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty?
  • Consumer Cost Transparency Initiatives in Pennsylvania

MS in Healthcare Quality and Safety:

  • Implementation of Standardized Discharge Rounds as a Tool to Decrease Length of Stay in an Acute Care Hospital
  • Implementation of Standardized Screening for Cognitive Dysfunction at a Multispecialty Group Practice
  • Comparing Effectiveness Between Departments of Initiatives to Improve Stroke Prevention for Atrial Fibrillation Patients
  • A Collaborative Approach to Improving Door-to-Needle Times in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke
  • Standardizing the Use of Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) Wipes in the Preoperative Area Prior to Colon, Hysterectomy, Total Hip, and Total Knee Surgery: Does Direct Observation Increase Compliance?


  • Jefferson Digital Commons quarterly report: January-March 2017
  • Conference Posters Archived in the Jefferson Digital Commons
  • Jefferson College of Population Health Capstones New to the Jefferson Digital Commons
  • New Presentations in the Jefferson Digital Commons


  • A Word from the Writing Center (April 2017)
  • A Word from the Writing Center (May 2017)
  • A Word from the Writing Center (June 2017)
  • JCIPE Spring 2017
  • Inside Out, Spring 2016
  • Inside Out, Spring 2017
  • Sci-Tech Newsletter, June 2017

Occupational Therapy student capstones:

  • Improving Sexual Intimacy of Adults with Physical Disabilities
  • Sleep: Its Impact on Health
  • Effects of Alternative Seating in the Classroom
  • Effects of Transition Services for Students with Cerebral Palsy on Employment


  • New Developments in Genetic/Genomic Testing: Implications for Population Health
  • Improving Health Outcomes: Meeting the Basic Needs of Populations


  • Evaluating Value-Based Frameworks Used for Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma Regimens: ICER Report, ASCO Value Framework, and NCCN Evidence Blocks
  • Cost Savings and Efficiency Realized Decreasing Orders for Type and Crossmatching
  • ST elevation myocardial infarction in a young adult: Expect the unexpected
  • Looking beyond the traditional: integrating a new curriculum design into an immersion practicum evaluation tool
  • Perceptions of Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Graduates Regarding Andragogical Practices Employed by Faculty
  • Infection Prevention and Control in Baccalaureate Nursing Education: Identifying Content, Teaching Strategies and Gaps
  • Book Club at Intern Orientation to Help Frame Professional Identity
  • Pre-Admission Blood Pressure and Outcome in a Large Telestroke Cohort
  • Socioeconomic Status and Stroke Outcome
  • Increased Density of Axonal Spheroids in the Nucleus Gracilis of the Lower Brainstem in Diabetic Versus Non-Diabetic Patients
  • The Bug-Bag: Consolidating Medications to Cut Costs
  • Generation of CRISPR knockout of IDH1 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell line: An optimal model to study pancreatic cancer metabolic reprogramming
  • Evidence in Action: Impact of Early Occupational Therapy Intervention in the Complex Stroke Patient
  • A Comparative Analysis of the Paris System and Institutional Reporting System for Urine Cytology in Upper Tract Urothelial Specimens
  • Treatment-Related Decisional Conflict, Quality of Life, and Comorbid Illness in Older Adults with Cancer
  • Predictors of HPV Vaccination Series Completion in Philadelphia Adolescents
  • Exploring the Role of Life Review Videos with Patients Diagnosed with Advanced Cancer
  • Gathering Qualitative Feedback and Demonstrating Value for an Institutional Repository (IR)
  • Patient Attitudes Toward a Physician Led Radiology Review: Improved Understanding of Medical Conditions and a Potential New Quality Metric
  • Inappropriate electrolyte repletion for patients undergoing endoscopic procedures
  • Assessing the Burden of Unnecessary Central Venous Catheters in Patients on Medical-Surgical Floors
  • The Use of Telemetry Monitoring Among General Medicine Patients
  • Improving Medication Reconciliation Using Provider Education and an EHR Hard Stop
  • Helping to Support CPC+ Initiative to Integrate Behavioral Health Within Primary Care: A Team-Based Approach to Improving Depression Management
  • Lost in Translation: A Standardized, Interdepartmental Approach to Improve the Safety of Inpatient Transitions of Care
  • Under Pressure: Ambulatory Blood Pressure Control
  • Obstacles and Challenges to Implementing Multi-departmental QI at a Large, Academic Training Center-Lessons Learned from a HCV Screening Program
  • Improving Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates in Jefferson Hospital Ambulatory Practice Patients
  • Improving Colon Cancer Screening in a Resident Ambulatory Clinic
  • Got Sugar? Pharmacist Intervention to Improve A1c
  • The Case of the 10 Pound Giant: A Near Miss Root Cause Analysis
  • Should we Set a Formalized Discharge Instruction Education Standard?


  • RNA matters lecture series: The Human tRNA Story: A Complex Epigenomic Landscape Unfolds
  • Medicare at 50: Its Effect on Disparities

Surgery Resident Research Day Presentations:

  • GCC as a Therapeutic Target in Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells
  • Exploring Complications and Quality of Life Following Paraesophageal Hernia Repair
  • A spoonful of sugar: The role of IDH1 and metabolic reprogramming in pancreatic cancer
  • Multi-institutional Evaluation of Adherence to Comprehensive Postoperative Venous Thromboembolism Chemoprophylaxis
  • Implementing ICOUGH: The Messy Science of Quality Improvement
  • The Effect of a HIF Prolyl Hydroxylase inhibitor on Liver Regeneration after Partial Hepatectomy in Mice
  • Molecular Profiling of Resected Pancreatic Cancer: the Potentia Personalizing Adjuvant Therapy
  • Drug Discovery in Pancreatic Cancer: "The Power of the Pathway Approach"

What People are Saying About the JDC:

Country: US
Role: faculty
Resource URL: Comments: For teaching purpose

Name: Betty Patricia Harrell
Country: US
Role: researcher
Resource URL:
Comments: Too many volumes as I researcher Bricker, William Henry for genealogy I became fascinated by the sciences of the early 1900's and could not stop...Thank you putting them online for free.

Name: Leticia Ghelman
Country: BR (Brazil)
Role: student Resource
URL: Comments:
I am a student at Universidade Estacio de Sa- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, College of Nutrition. We are writing a paper about Nutrition Literacy and would love to have access to the NLS. It would really help us in the development of our work, which is being conducted at a loca government family practice. Thank you in advance

Name: Alam
Country: AE (United Arab Emirates)
Role: student
Comments: Good work Referring Page:

Country: US
Role: physician, member of antibiotic stewardship comm
Comments: good info on use of bandemia in clinical practice

Name: Lauren Wiseman
Country: US
Role: Non-profit Regional HIE
Resource URL:
Comments: We are seeking information on medication reconciliation with HIE as we strive to provide valuable use cases for our participants.

Name: B. J. Strickland
Country: US
Role: genealogist
Resource URL: Comments: Thank you for making this Annual Announcement available. I am in the middle of doing genealogical research on my family. This 1861-1862 Jefferson Medical College annual announcement has my great grandfather's name, Dr. James S. Washington, on the graduate list. This piece of personal history is very rewarding. Thanks again.

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