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November 2007


Purpose: One third of hemodialysis patients have high serum ferritin levels and low transferrin saturation (TSAT). The purpose of this analysis was to determine the cost effectiveness of administering 1g of sodium ferric gluconate complex (SFGC: also referred to as ferric gluconate) to patients with serum ferritin >500ng/mL and TSAT ≤25% based on the Dialysis Patients Response to IV Iron with Elevated Ferritin (DRIVE) study and its 6-week observational extension (DRIVE-II). In these studies, IV iron administration resulted in reduced epoetin requirements.

Methods: Decision analysis was performed using a time horizon of 12 weeks, consistent with the combined duration of DRIVE and DRIVE II. Treatment effectiveness was based on mean increase in hemoglobin (Hb) for each group (SFGC plus epoetin or epoetin alone) in the intention to treat populations. Costs included drugs (SFGC and epoetin) and hospitalizations due to serious adverse events (SAEs) reported. The primary cost effectiveness measure was cost per g/dL of Hb increase at 12 weeks. Costs were computed from a Medicare perspective using projected 2007 reimbursements. Sensitivity analyses were performed to test the impact of using the safety population, median epoetin and SFGC doses, actual 2005 Medicare reimbursements, median increases in Hb, and SAE rate changes. The model was constructed using TreeAge Pro software.

Results: Total cost per patient receiving SFGC plus epoetin was $3675 per g/dL Hb increase, while the total cost per patient receiving epoetin alone was $5065 per g/dL Hb increase. Net savings for SFGC plus epoetin was $1390 per g/dL Hb increase over the 12 week period Sensitivity analyses affirmed the robustness of the model.

Conclusion: Administering 1g of SFGC plus epoetin in patients with high ferritin and low TSAT as defined in the DRIVE studies resulted in significant cost-savings compared to epoetin alone.


This poster was presented at the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Renal Week 2007, Chicago, IL, November 2007 (Poster number F-PO841). Copyright © by the authors.