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In this presentation, Dr. Gross summarizes his research using local healthcare data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) methods to identify high Emergency Department and Inpatient hospital service utilizers within Camden County, New Jersey. He also discusses the potential for using GIS methods to identify and address health issues among communities.

Presentation: 59 minutes


Ken Gross PhD, MPH- Ken specializes in turning data into information that can be used to strategically guide investments, policies and programs. Ken has over 15 years of experience providing data-driven answers to organizations’ strategic questions through a combination of expert statistical and methodological knowledge and clear, concise presentation of results. He has applied his techniques to the fields of education, public health, health services research, housing policy and economic development. He is currently Principal of the consulting firm Quantitative Innovations.

Ken previously served as Director of Research and Evaluation for the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers. In this role he led the development of innovative analytic strategies and products aimed at improving healthcare quality and reducing healthcare costs at the hospital and community level. He advised communities from around the country and was invited to speak at national conferences about his innovative approach to analyzing hospital claims data to quantify the healthcare cost/quality issues at the local level.

Ken earned his PhD in Policy, Research, Evaluation and Measurement from the University of Pennsylvania. He holds an MPH is epidemiology from Drexel University and a BA in Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis. While earning his PhD, he was awarded a US Department of Education, Institute of Educational Sciences Predoctoral Fellowship.